I’m kicking off 2017 with the launch of my new SCHOOLPLAYS series on Amazon, specifically designed for my drama educator friends!

When planning a school play, the expense of royalty and materials can run anywhere from $700 to thousands of dollars. Even with permission to photocopy scripts, consider the expense and environmental impact of all those copies!

What if you could cover royalties and rental – and eliminate paper use – for $1 per student? That’s the premise of my SCHOOLPLAYS series! Your students use their devices to download e-scripts for rehearsal, and your school may perform the play royalty-free with purchase of the scripts. Teachers also have my permission to expand or reduce the cast size, make cuts to the text, or make any other changes you feel necessary for the success of your production.

The first three SCHOOLPLAYS are ensemble adaptations of classics that have been workshopped in my class over the past 20 years:

Length: One Act, 30-40 minutes
Ensemble Size: 7-30+
Ages: 3rd Grade-Middle School
Details: Excellent for classroom ensemble work, minimal production elements.



A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens
Length: One Act, 40-60 minutes
Ensemble Size: 15 with doubling – 42+ with Chorus
Ages: Middle School-Adult
Details: Ideal for church or school choir performance, incorporates traditional Christmas Carols.


A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM by William Shakespeare
Length: Two Act, 40-60 minutes
Ensemble Size: 13 (with doubling) – 20+
Ages: 3rd grade-High School
Details: Original text restructured and abridged, opportunities to incorporate music.



I hope you’ll check all of them out HERE! Please send a video link of the performance and pictures if you decide to produce one of them!