Does your child want to be an actor? Are you prepared to don the hat of Stage Parent to help your child get ahead in K-12 school, college, community theatre, and beyond? Professional theatre artist, veteran performing arts educator, and fellow parent Andrew Lloyd Baughman shares his advice on how to help your Drama Kid chart a path to success in this amusing combination memoir, self-help book, and parenting guide. Don’t wait to plan a pragmatic strategy for your child’s future, CLICK HERE!

“Baughman has turned his coolness touch to the kids he calls “drama kids” and their bewildered parents. He’s written a book Sing Out, Louise!: A Parent’s Survival Guide to Raising a Drama Kid, based on his experiences as both an educator and a parent. And takes it several steps further with his Facebook discussion group Mr. B’s Virtual Drama Class where fellow teachers and parents are talking about such things as cast romances, Disney, acting schools, and today’s topic, “the star is born” moment. Rock on, Mr. B.” -DC Theatre Scene